Branded & Customized Solutions

Kids Packs branded with your corporate logo or fully bespoke customized activity packs and food boxes are our specialty. We work closely with our clients to create solutions specific to their needs. We design and manufacture inhouse as well as ship to the US. From the design through to production and logistics, we provide a hassle-free end to end solution. Build your brand with Kids Packs.

On-Demand Branded Kids Packs

With our Branded Activity Pouches you can have kids packs branded with your logo with as little as 100 activity packs. How awesome is that! Using the latest technology in digital printing we can now print logo branded kids packs on demand. Super low quantities and prices, but ultra high quality.

Printed inhouse on our digital press, with a turnaround time of usually one to two business day. The ultimate in brand awareness. Build your brand with logo branded kids packs.

Customised Activity Packs & Food Boxes

Our Kids Activity Packs and Food Boxes can be branded with your corporate logo whether you are a single restaurant, a multi-national chain of hotels or a worldwide airline. We offer shipping to the US and Canada. Our flexibility and inhouse manufacturing makes us the supplier of choice for thousands of businesses.

  • Branded Premium Activity Packs
  • Customised & Bespoke Kids Activity Packs
  • Branded Food Boxes & Trays
  • Customised Food Box Shapes & Sizes

Our Range of Branded Activity Pouches